A Comprehensive ProExtender System Review

Men throughout the centuries have used weights and herbal supplements in order to enhance the size of their penis and enhance their performance in the bedroom. Now medical science has caught up with tradition and a Scandinavian doctor by the name of Jorn Ege Siana MD has designed an ergonomically correct way of enhancing penis length through the natural action of tension or traction on the penis. This product is combined with tried and true male enhancement supplements for better sexual performance, a stronger libido, a thicker and longer penis, with increased satisfaction for both the male and female during the sex act.

For many men and women, penis size is important. Men with crooked penises or with penises that are too small cannot perform the way they want to in the bedroom and the sexual relationship suffers. For many centuries, men in certain tribal cultures have relied on weights to provide the tension the penis need in order to lengthen it. The use of weights, however, is cumbersome, not very discreet and unreliable as a safe way to elongate the penis.

Men also want an increase in libido so that they can perform better in the bedroom. They want the satisfaction of having a firm, straight and thick penis in order to properly satisfy their female sexual partners. If you are one of these men, you’ll want a discreet system of elongating the penis safely as well as herbal supplements that enhance the blood supply and therefore the thickness of the penis. If you are a man with a crooked penis, you’ll want a penis extender that will help straighten out the crookedness.

The ProExtender™ System is based on the research and development of a penis extender designed by Jorn Ege Siana, MD, a Scandinavian plastic surgeon who found a better way to extend the length of the penis safely and effectively. The extender has been tested and is prescribed by specialists in urology and male sexual health in over 26 countries all over the world.

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For men concerned about their penis length or girth, or for men who want harder erections that last longer with greater sexual pleasure, the ProExtender™ System is perfect for you. With the whole system, that includes the penis extender, the botanicals and nutrients that increase penis hardness and girth, and the ejaculate/semen volume enhancer, you have the total package for optimum penis enhancement.

The ProExtender™ device also works on men who have Peyronie’s disease, which is a curvature of the penis. The extender can put the right amount of tension on the penis so that it comfortably straightens out over several weeks’ time.

This product comes as a complete system, including the provision of the penis extender device along with VigRX™ pills that are effective in promoting male sexual vigor, better performance in the sex act, more sexual stamina and better sexual pleasure for both the male and female. The system also includes Semenax™ Volume Increaser pills that allow for better pleasure during the orgasm with a larger volume of semen produced with each orgasm. The power and duration of the contractions during the orgasm are greater so you experience better sexual satisfaction. To complete the package, you get a For Men Only™ penis enlargement exercise CD, which gives you the opportunity to further strengthen your penis while the other parts of the product take hold and permanently enlarge your penis.

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The product was designed and is endorsed by Dr. Jorn Siana, MD, who has nearly twenty years of experience with male sexual satisfaction for men who use the ProExtender™ device. Thousands of men have used this device and the botanical pills included with the system and the site offers many positive testimonials. The product has been featured in media such as the BBC, Stern.de, the New York Times, FHM, Yahoo News, MSN, Google News, Men’s Fitness and the Sun periodical. It has been prescribed by doctors in more than 26 countries across the world.

The ProExtender™ System offers many benefits in the area of male sexual enhancement. The device does an excellent job of straightening and elongating the penis to an average of almost two inches more in length when compared to the penis length before using the device. It is a system that can also increase the blood flow and the girth of the erect penis so that both the man and the woman experience better sexual pleasure. The volume enhancer pills can create an environment whereby there is an increased volume of semen per orgasm. The overall stamina and confidence in the sex act for men is greatly enhanced.

The major pros of the ProExtender™ system is that it addresses all aspects of male sexual health, including lengthening the penis, straightening the penis, increases the penile girth, and increases in sexual stamina, ejaculate volume, and sexual satisfaction for both the male and female. For those men who want to do penile exercises, there is a CD that will teach you those exercises you can do while the rest of the penis enhancement system begins to work on maximizing the structure and function of the penis.

There aren’t really any cons of using the ProExtender™ System except for the fact that you can’t simply go to the drug store and buy it. Instead, it is available online for any man who has a major credit card or PayPal payment systems.

While you can buy the deluxe edition for $429.95, you can also purchase other products through the makers of the ProExtender™ system at a cheaper price. You can buy the original or deluxe ProExtender™ device alone or with the addition of the botanical pills for sexual enhancement and for increasing the volume of the semen per ejaculate. The original ProExtender™ device is only $299.95 if all you want is to enlarge your penis and aren’t interested in the perks of having the VigRX pills or volume-enhancing pills.

The makers of the ProExtender™ device are so confident that you will be pleased with their product that they offer you a 187 day money back guarantee. All you have to do is return the empty and unused bottles, the device and the CD and you’ll get your purchase price back less the costs of shipping and handling. So you really can’t go wrong taking them up on this risk-free trial.

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